Monday, December 23, 2013

Tilda Ideas

 Here are some Tilda ideas for you for the Tilda swap,Tone designs such a vast variety of projects.
 She has quite a few books out so there is a lot to choose from.
 Projects from cushions to dolls to bags to fruit and lots of xmas projects,
 Even beach houses and shells,pin cushions and even slippers.
This should be a fun and exciting swap with such a large variety of projects to be made.
And for those who dont have books you can make something out of tilda fabric,there is a large range,if you need help with any of the books Shez will try to help.
Here are also some links for you to look if you want some more ideas.

This one is for the Tilda site.
Here is the link to the book depoistory if you would like to buy a tilda book

cheers  Peg & Shez


  1. I'd been wondering if our swap was a Tilda project from one of her books or just using her fabric. Thanks for answering my question girls.

  2. Do they have any patterns for mug rugs I have a friend sho really loves them...

    1. lol oh now dont you start,lol,you are so funny,lol.xx

  3. Thanks for all the ideas and gorgeous fabric choices !!!

  4. getting me into something new... I have never done a Tilda...


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