Thursday, April 30, 2015

Peg's gifts

I was honored that I got to make things for Peg.
The Clock is a new pattern by Ramona Hermann of Flutterby designs.  The other is a design board.

This is my take on another new pattern by Petals and Patches (there's has hand stitching) I love this one will be making more, great size.

I have heard from Peg and she loved her gifts.





just need to take some photos…

This is for you Carol Lee  xxxx

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spoiled Rotten!!!

Gorgeous Fiona has spoiled me rotten......I could not stop smiling when I opened my parcels.
Gorgeous bunny, chokkies (which are waiting until I feel better), beautiful card, the sweetest a pretty bookmark and an adorable little thread catcher that just happens to match this gorgeousness....
So perfect and I am now known as "Posh Stitcher" because I have never made myself one and now I have this beautiful one...inside there was thread, scissors and extra hexies...
I just adore it, French General fabrics and an Anni Downs design too!!!
Thank you beautiful generous friend....LOVE LOVE LOVE it all! Thanks to the dynamic duo Peg and Shez for keeping this joy in our lives.
Hugs Michelle xx

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Is it the 30th yet?

Not quite....Phew I say!
My first parcel is all wrapped and heading off tomorrow to ????
I am very happy to have been asked by Shez and Peg to join the
 group and look forward to lots of fun swaps ahead.....
I'm loving looking at everyone's lovely goodies....
Very talented ladies....
Until next time, Happy Stitching


 Woohoo!!!! Look what arrived for me today from Christine.

The pincushion is now my favourite , it is absolutely beautiful and shall stay on my coffee table next to my couch where I sit and sew. The project folder is also quite special.

 When I opened it I found scissors, quilting needles, 3 beautiful DMC threads some pins and a gorgeous repro fat 1/4. Oh my! I love the chosen fabrics and colours.  I think Christine must have ESP because she also sent me my favourite choccie, Lindt dark Raspberry Intense. YUMMY!!!!

Thanks so much Christine for these awesome gifts.

To Marc from Keryn

Amazing how special a parcel can make you swap parcel arrived from none other then the lovely

Keryn (still working on how to attach the link thing) who has totally made my day




Fabulous bag. Just look at that co ordinated fabric in my colours .. Devine ..... Zipper purse ever to cute....chocolate .... Which has already done a disappearing act.....great little tin filled with the basic sewing needs great for travelling ......and a packet of sweets which also did a faster disappearing act when the grandees visited...... Many thanks to Keryn


 This was the pretty parcel i got from the lovely Michelle for our FHFS hexie swap, the wrapping paper is hexies,lol,love it
  Oh Michelle i love the card it is even covered in Hexies and i also love my little writing set
And i have been spoilt with some more beautiful gifts,i love the grey and white serviettes  and of course the chocolate didnt last long,and the fabric is even covered in hexies,oh Michelle you did so well to find so many lovely hexie things
 Oh i love these teatowels with their beautiful tilda fabric.

Wow how cool is this beautiful Hexie table topper made in lovely tilda fabrics,oh i love this Michelle

Thankyou so much Michelle for all these beautiful gifts,you put so much thought and love into these gifts,i am very spoilt my friend for my awesome gifts.
cheers shez xx

Monday, April 27, 2015

Gorgeous Gifts from Barb

Couldn't wait to show you the gorgeous contents of my parcel from Barb -
This gorgeous hexie table centre with my favourite little people on it.  It's just beautiful - this photo does not do it justice.
How cute are they?
And such yummy fabric Barb has backed/bound them with as well.  Will be perfect on my coffee table over the Winter Barb, thankyou so very much and then of course it will have to stay for xmas decorating.

And Barb being the beautiful, generous person that she is added more -
Isn't the fabric gorgeous on the left - havn't seen hexie fabric anywhere - love it.   Also a pretty Cottage Garden thread and some yummy Raspberry Lindt chocolate - a favourite - amazing it stayed intact to take a photo. 

Thankyou Barb - I LOVE my beautiful gifts - you know me so very well. Cheryl


 Despite having finished this swap project well before schedule I have only just posted it today. It may be a teeny bit late seeing as it is going to......

These Pretty Packages .........

are now at the post office and on their way to ???

A MiRacLe

It's not every day you witness a miracle... but I did today!
You see this mug Peg included...

Well... one minute is was filled with chockies... & then the next it was empty...
Like I said... a miracle...

Here are the GoRGeoUS gifts I received from Peg...
A project folder... scrumptious...

A mat... perfect for my tray... yummo...
A mug rug... for that "empty" cup...
Sent to me all together in a pretty cute carry bag...

WOW... I'm so lucky to have had YOU as my partner Peg... I LOVE them all...
Thanks heaps and heaps...  xoxoxox

Saturday, April 25, 2015

My Parcel Has Arrived

This wonderful parcel arrived in my letterbox yesterday from gorgeous Barb. Woo hoo. Thankyou so much Barb


When I saw that we had been granted the Royal decree to open our first swap gift I nearly did a hammy running to the bench because this had been sitting there for a day...
My parcel was from the gorgeous Shez and how thoughtful of her to decorate the box with beautiful Christmas stamps, made the box very festive.  I carefully (well not really) removed the brown paper..
Another box, Shez this isn't one of those parcel's that is just filled with boxes and paper and then a lolly in the middle is it?  Then I found this...
How pretty does that look.... But wait till you see what was inside.....Drum roll please....
Is this not the most gorgeous bag you have ever seen.  So beautifully made and with my favourite fabric I keep looking at it thinking how lucky I am.  But wait there was a whole pack of goodies inside.
This beautiful matching needle roll to go with it complete with packets of needle.  It looks so pretty all wrapped up. And then there was this.....
So I was very careful with the next parcel....
A matching pair of gorgeous birds (I'm sorry the photo doesn't do them justice you can't see the beautiful glitter on them).  I was really touched by these because I know Shez knows I always buy these little birds whenever I find them, these birds were my mother's favourite Christmas ornament and her tree was always full of them, they always remind me of her so I did have a little teary moment.
And lucky for me Shez added some chocolate which I'm now about to eat with a cuppa.
What a wonderful parcel, what a great group and Shez you are an amazing generous person

Get ,Ready ,set go

Peg and I have decided for those ladies that already have there hexies parcels ,that they can open now,how exciting ,we can't wait to see what you ladies have come up with,have fun and enjoy your parcels,now start ripping those parcels open 
Cheers Peg and Shez xx

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Mr Mailman stopped at my house...
And a certain little someone... who shall remain nameless... but I'll give you a hint...
Starts with P... ends with a G...
Made me something GoRGeouS I'm sure...

Of course I'm waiting to open it... so please.... just give us all the WORD...
Hugs Dory... xox

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Parcel has been sent!


MMmmm i wonder where this one is heading to???? Not long now to find out Smile

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Parcel on its Way

This parcel is now on its way to,hmm let me think,nope its gone cant remember,lol,hope my partner love her gifties.
I love swap time so much fun.
Peg the ladies that already have parcels,do you think they can open them now,lol,i have mine sitting in the cupboard,i am dying to open it,lol.
cheers shez 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

its in the post…..


My parcel is in the post should arrive by the end of the week…Gee I do hope she likes it!!!!!