Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lost for words.....

my parcel arrived from  Cheryll.... aka Dory.... 

see just how pretty the packages all looked.... until I started ripping!!!

this cushion is just full of detail and so beautifully made with such pretty colours.... Cheryll even custom made a filler for it....

... and a hoop bag... with hoops in it... I am a hoop user so this is perfect... I am always losing mine (having put it in a safe place!)... it is also beautifully stitched in that pretty pretty colour...

... not only that but there was a Tilda book in there (I never owned a Tilda book ... and really we should all have a Tilda book ... I think the cover girls reminded Cheryll of her and me)... a pretty lace zip (perfect for a zippy purse?) and some Cottage Garden to add to my pretty holder....

there was also treats to eat.... bubbly mint chocolate and camomile tea...

The cushion deserves some detail showing... this is the stitchery... perfect work and just the right saying for me...

applique on the other side with lovely detail of ribbon and lace....

.. the back of the cushion is beautiful too!

... here is my fabulous bundle of presents all together .....

Cheryll, you have really spoilt me.... I can't tell you how much I love all of these.... such a thoughtful parcel and beautiful hand made goodies and extra's....

The cushion has a home .......

Thanks again to dear online friends.... Cheryll  for the gifts and Peg and Shez for organising this fun swap.... and to all of you for your encouragement in my rather impatient wait for my parcel...

... I'm sure you all agree it was worth the wait....

Righto, Gotto Go... I need some camomile tea to calm down... I'm just that excited!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


thank you ..... mwah mwah mwah

mwah mwah mwah to Cheryll aka Dory

I was crying and dancing and laughing all at the same time..... and so was the postie as he was thinking he might have to put out a restraining order on me.....

Camping out until further notice................

Monday, July 21, 2014

For Claire!

 Claire has received her parcel so I can show you what I made. This pattern is from the Tilda book, Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle. I thought the little bird went perfectly with the border fabric.
 Mother of pearl buttons (a bit hard to tell by the photo).
 Lavender sachets.
 Of course, some chocolate and a cute little butterfly for 
Claire to hang up somewhere.

I hope you find somewhere to hang this in your new house. 
I really enjoyed making this for you, Claire.

Postie just drove straight past!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

To Keryn from Sharon

Time has finally arrived to share what I sent in the F.H.F.S. Tilda Swap.

Dearest Keryn was my person to send to this time around and I have to admit to a little 
"stage fright" here.  Keryn makes the most gorgeous Dolls / Characters and loves Christmas
but Tilda Fabrics are not her style.

I was originally going to make a Tilda Doll but more in Keryn's style.
Insert huge fail ......... I, for the life of me can not make Tilda Dolls, or snowmen.
 Believe me, I tried!

So my take on the "Tilda Swap"

A 12" Mini made with a Cross Stitched Reindeer.
Isn't he cute :)  I think so and Keryn likes him to :o)

Now are you wondering how I incorporated the "Tilda"?
Easy, the label on the back!  I used Tilda Fabric.

oh, and I included a Tilda Book and of course something to nibble on 
(which obviously hasn't made it to the pic)

Our next F.H.F.S. swap has a Spots theme.
 Watch out secret swap partner, I might use my creative licence here too!

Hugs Sharon

Watching for the postie.....

Friday, July 18, 2014

My Lovely Tilda Parcel from Claire

Ooh look what came today - a gorgeous parcel of Tilda gifts from Claire - and boy did she spoil me with so many lovely things -
How gorgeous is this pocket/pouch to hold my hoop (which was inside) and a cute needlecase to match.  And some yummy Lindt chocolates, which may or may not be open in this photo.

And there was more - loved this gorgeous zippered sewing bag, which had a matching  pin/needle keep and Claire had added some lovely stork scissors.  And at the back is a great throw - so pretty.
Feels like lovely muslin with a lovely splash of Tilda fabric on one side.
Had to show you the back of my gorgeous zippered bag.

Claire I cannot thankyou enough - I just LOVED my gorgeous parcel. Thankyou - you went to so much time and effort. Cheryl

Sunday, July 13, 2014

From Shez To Cheryll

This is the swap parcel that i put together for Chez and how lucky was i to be able to deliver it in person.
 I have throughly enjoy this tilda swap and seeing all the lovely ideas that you ladies have come up with for such awesome swap gifts,well done.
cheers shez xx

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My gorgeous Tilda parcel from Cheryl

I was wowed with my wonderful tilda parcel from the very clever Cheryl,i sure was spoilt,i love it all Cheryl you know me so well my friend,thankyou so very much.
cheers shez xx

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Its all mine!!!!!!….woo hoo…..


Remember seeing this…..guess who got it…..








You guessed it…it was me….!!!!!

How spoilt have I been…in our Tilda Swap…

Michelle has but together the most amazing parcel…..I have  re-written this post so many times, I just can’t come up with words to say how excited I was when I opened it up and saw all these treasures inside…..

Michelle thank you so much from the bottom of my heart…..Peg xxx

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tilda swap…..

Today the postman brought me my Tilda swap parcel from Keryn and I found a “New friend” nestled in amongst shredded tissue paper as well some very lovely Tilda fabric and bling trim, Cosmo threads, applique needles, sparkly Christmas ribbon as well as some yummy almond bread and Ferrero Rocher chocolates which I have to admit have already been nibbled on over a latte.

I was very spoilt!

Now to meet my new friend…… RUDOLPH


and here he is surrounded by all the gorgeous extras that Keryn sent with him…..


Keryn had popped in a lovely card explaining how hard it was for her to locate Tilda fabric where she is living and could only find the one lonely fat 1/4, but you know what I think, I think Keryn made the perfect alternate choice when she chose to make me something Christmassy because anyone who knows me knows I love Christmas Smile Thanks Keryn you made my week!