Friday, October 23, 2015

Finally Wrapped!

We may be a little late swapping but Mel's gift is all finished.
I actually got my project finished last weekend but only got to wrap it yesterday. 
All we have to do now is find a time when we can get together to swap our gifts.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wow,Thankyou Carol

Cheryl and i were lucky enough to be having breakfast at Carols on Sat morning and what a wonderful surprise i got when Angus handed me my goodies for our FHFS xmas swap,as Carol is going o/s to HK in November,boy this is going to be tempting,so i am going to pack it away in a cupboard so i cant see it,thankyou so much Carol and Angus.

lol the sights you see in Melb,we spotted the santa bikie on our way to Monbulk sat morning,lol,i love xmas.
Hope you all have a fabulous sunday .
cheers shez xx

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Woo hoo Xmas Swap Delivered

Shez and I headed off to a class in Melbourne yesterday, and as my partner for our final "Christmas" swap for the year was also going to be there I took the opportunity to hand deliver my parcel -
Here's Carol receiving her goodies ready to open come the middle of December

Oh Marc, thank you so much!

I had a surprise phone call from Marc on Friday thanking
 me for my swap gift, I was so happy to hear that Marc
 liked what I had chosen to send her. I then came
 home to find a parcel from Marc on my doorstep....Yay!
It took me no time at all to open it up and inside I found
 this gorgeous hand stitched bag....Love it!
Inside the bag I found lots of gorgeous surprises as well....
I can't believe that in the excitement I actually
 remembered to take pics....LOL!
So many lovely gifts I am a tad bit overwhelmed
with your generosity Marc, thanks so much!
This bag is super cute and the pics do not do it justice,
it will be a favourite of mine for years to come....
Inside the wool felt book were also some cute little surprises...
The hand knitted scarf is made from the softest wool and
I love love love it Marc, it sure will come in handy in
Orange on those cold days that we have....
Last Friday was not the best day for me work wise because
 I found out some news that will change my world
dramatically next year but this bundle of gorgeousness
 sure made it a better day that it was...
Thanks again Marc and Shez and
Peg for making this swap possible...
I had better get my Santa hat on now!!!
Until next time, Happy Stitching


Thursday, October 15, 2015


Just to let Carol, Peg and Shez know that I posted Carol's parcel this morning, Soooo sorry for the delay.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It's My TurN NoW

Michelle sent me THE MOST GoRGeOUs parcel.
It was wrapped beautifully...
WooHoo... lavender, lavender, & more lavender.
You see Michelle knows how much I LoVe lavender... so planned her gifts around this theme.
This pic DOES NOT show the beautiful colour of the felt... or the delicate fabric Michelle embroidered on... nor the aroma coming from the HeaRT... or the lovely lavender coloured fabric she included... and you can't SMeLL the wonderful fragrance coming from the pretty tin either... But believe me when I say
Thank you Michelle... your gifts & your phone call MADE my day!
* * * * *

Cheryll to Michelle

The pretty, pink dotty parcels came to my place...woohoo!

Beautiful gifties.....gorgeous scarf, felt hearts, cute little bundle of felt squares,

Adorable needlebook and shopping list block...but wait ....there's more!
My very own hottie complete with beautifully knitted cover and matching mittens. You  see Cheryll knows we like to journey south in our van. Now I can read in bed with toasty warm hands...

Thank you so much for my gorgeous parcel Cheryll.....I love every morsel xxx
Thanks also to our dynamic duo Shez and Peg for organising our swaps.
Hugs Michelle xx 


Until my partner receives her parcel....
Come On Mr Postie... get moovinnnn...
* * * * * 







With these totally amazing, truly gorgeous, fantastic, generous gifts from Bubz….love love……love them Bubz…..

massive thank you xxx

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Safely here....

Poor Peg was so upset about sending my parcel to the old address... but it was fine and found it's way - just took a few more days to get here


so now you get to see what was in it....

The satchel was stuffed full of loveliness.....

a glamorous mug and mug rug with a wool flower....

.. and the prettiest needlecase (there is wool inside) and this gorgeous scented candle (which is perfect for my quilting room!)

I love that stitchery on the outside and it matches so well with the frame

... oooh and some sweet treats and magnetic 'pegs'....

... the sweet treats hid from Hubz very quickly ....

... and the main wool item is this very pretty table topper ....

.. it's all wool save the backing and binding and Peg is so clever with colours and put together such a pretty item ....

... once I have some spaces cleared in this mess of a half unpacked house it will find it's forever home - I might even hang it up as it really is a very happy pretty piece.

Thanks so much Peg, I love it all and it was so fun doing this wool swap.  Thanks to you and Shez for organising these which is giving us different things to think about and play with.

And of course HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO PEG for becoming a GRANDMA this week... just wonderful and I know it is something you have been looking forward to... wishing you many many hours of happiness with this little man... he is very cute.

Righto, Gotto Go... I'm off for some coffee in my new mug!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Friends having Fun Swaps: Felt project


My swap partner for this months swap was Shez and I was utterly spoilt by her!! Shez knows I love Christmas so my felt swap items reflected this…..two fig ’n berry Christmas patterns, I can’t wait to start working on theseSmile


three gorgeous felt ornaments…can’t wait to hang these beauties on my tree this year, not long to wait now! ( sorry to be reminding those who are in denial )


And last but not least a beautiful felt needle book, I must confess when I saw this on Shez’s blog I was quite envious of the recipient who would be getting this but now I don’t have to as it’s mine all mine! LOL. Thanks Shez for another fantastic swap parcel Smile

Saturday, October 10, 2015

I have another problem…


This is my parcel I have received….

and lucky me it is from Bubz…..I have been itching to open it for well over a week…

after my total mix up I feel I should wait until Bubz receives her parcel from me…..

I must be honest … really is hard……!!!!!



A large parcel arrived yesterday from Carol. I couldn't believe how big it was . Anyhow, when I opened it, this is what was inside.

                                            In this bag I discovered all these lovely parcels.

Hmmm, dilemma. Should I open them or wait until I have posted my gift.  I have finished the project for my swapee but haven't yet been able to put  some extras together and post it yet. So what did I do? OPEN IT OFCOURSE!!!!  I did try to restrain myself but that little devil on my shoulder kept poking me with his pitchfork. OOOO, I am so glad I did. The first parcel contained these beautiful coat hangers. I now have a soft hanger for the dress I am wearing to my daughter's wedding next month.

Yummy Lindt choccies had an interesting thing attached . How clever are these? A necklace made of felt beads. I am rather intrigued how one turns felt into such things. So clever. A couple of choccies have disappeared already. I think that little devil grabbed them.

I was rather rapt to discover some lovely wool felt . It is so soft and just perfect for my new craft addiction.created by this swap. Great colours too.

                                               But wait, there's more. A gorgeous scarf.

A big THANKYOU to Carol for these lovely things and to Peg and Shez for organising it.
I do apologise for the delay in sending mine but the project IS done and I just need to get to the post office soon.

Friday, October 9, 2015



This was sent on Tuesday….

it was to Bubz

I have just done some double checking….

and I have sent it to her old addy…


I thought I had changed my hard copy of her details of the details in my folder…

and no I hadn’t…..

I even sent out Bubz new details to everyone…

I am kicking myself…

so sorry Bubz….I am hoping it will be returned to me….

hanging my head in shame!!!!!

On Its WaY

My swap package has been packed up and is on its way to ...???
Guess you'll just have to wait to see where it lands...
Hugs Dory
Thanks SnP xox

Wow To Shez from Barb

  Wow i sure was spoilt rotten,Barb sent me the most lovely smelling Dusk candle called Beach Break and  some contry garden thread called Rosalie,so pretty.

Barb also added in some pretty pink tea towels and  a beautiful felt table mat,i love it Barb and i have the perfect spot for it.

Thankyou so much my lovely friend for spoiling me rotten with all my beautiful gifts,i have quite enjoyed this swap.
I hope you all have a wonderful day .
cheers shez xx

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wow look what has Arrived

How gorgeous do these parcels look,they are so pretty,thankyou so much betcha want to see whats in these parcels,lol,you will have to wait till i get time to do a proper blog post,got get sewing now.
cheers shez xx

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I am in heaven - my FHFS parcel was waiting for me tonight when I got home from work.  When I saw the address I ripped open the wrapping, and hence the title - OMG.

My parcel was from Keryn, a gorgeous friend who spoils me often. Do you want to see what I got -

I had oohed and aahed over Keryn's gorgeous snowies on her blog and had been deciding which one to shout myself. Isn't he adorable.  AND there was more -
And he had little friend - this most gorgeous Santa.

Ooh and some beautiful wool to play with.
And the most beautiful tag.
And look what was in that beautiful box, which I forgot to take a photo of in my excitement.  Thankyou for spoiling me gorgeous friend. Cheryl