Monday, December 29, 2014

My parcels from Shez....

I am late in posting my last couple of parcels from Shez... apologies... I do love them Shez...

On Christmas Eve this gorgeous snowman arrived... if I remember rightly he is called Walter and designed by Michelle???

He is really charming and has been hanging up since arriving here....

On Christmas Day I opened this lovely lovely mini hanging...
(it looks like a Gail pan design??)

I love it... so much beautiful stitching and finishing off ....

... looked wonderful on my stand too....

I so enjoyed having so many hand made decorations for Christmas .... so I know these will be used year after year to adorn my house... as well as the many others from Shez in these parcels...

Thanks again Shez, wonderful gifties and thanks to both Peg and Shez for organising this all for us.... has been SUCH fun....

Amazing parcels from all of you ... sorry I haven't been commenting... xx


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Under the Christmas Tree

Well I thought I to have been incredibly spoilt in this swap until I opened what was under the tree...
My heart skipped a beat when I read these two words..
But wait there is more...inside this lovely canvas bag.... all the way from Gay Paris is a beautiful piece of antique linen.
and it has my initial embroidered on it as well.
Oh boy! it is so beautiful!
Of course the photo does not do it justice. Thank you so much Keryn for all your spoiling. Everything has been so perfect. Thank you also to the our "little wondefuls" Peg and Shez for organising a wonderful year of fun and frienship..big hugs to everyone xxx

Thank You FHFS.

I would like to thank everyone involved in FHFS for including me in your wonderful swap group for 2014.
I am disappointed I cannot participate next year but I want to play safe as I look like being in for a busy year with my mum.
A big thank you to Peg and Shez for all you have done during the year to keep us all organised and on time.
Thank you to all my wonderful swap partners for their kindness and generosity.
To those of you who have taken the time to find my own blog and visit and leave comments, I would also like to say thank you.
Have a wonderful time with your swaps in 2015. I will follow with great interest.

I am also going to show the gifts I sent to Claire for the final swap this year. Claire was my partner to send to, but she has been very busy and hasn't been able to post. If I post the pictures for her it will take the pressure off Claire to do so.
Claire,I do hope you enjoyed the gifts.

This is the parcel.
I didn't take photos of everything I sent, but you will get the general idea.
A sewing bag designed by Rosalie Quinlan.
An initial by Viv Robinson.
A mixture of items from Rosalie Quinlan, Bird Brain Designs and Marg Low.
A notebook by Marg Low.
I enjoyed making this snowman and penguin for Christine and I just had to make them again for Claire.
A mini quilt using a design from Teddlywinks.

This is a collection of some of the items I added to the gifts that were sewn.
And of course I had to make a Ribbon Tree in Claire's colours of red and aqua.

Best wishes , Claire. I hope these helped you to enjoy Christmas.

Good luck to everyone for a safe and Happy New Year.

Cheers from Karen.

Gift number 12….Thanks Sharon!


This beautiful giant Hexie table mat was in the last parcel I got to unwrap on Christmas day…..totally blown away by it Sharon it is utterly gorgeous!! I’ve already placed it onto my coffee table in the lounge room so i can admire it and hubby has been warned not to place anything on it or else!

Thank you so much for being my swap partner and making the twelve days leading up to Christmas such fun, I felt like a kid again getting to open a surprise each morning Smile

I also want to thank Shez and Peg for organising and running the Friends having fun swaps throughout the year you’ve both done a marvellous job and I can’t wait to see what you come up with for our swaps in 2015…..Big hugs heading your way girls (((((((HUGS))))))) Love Barb!

Friday, December 26, 2014

A Lovely Final Gift.

My very last gift of our swap from Cheryll had a big sign on it say No peeping until Christmas. I stuck to that guideline until Santa Day and then was delighted to open my gift.
I can see why Cheryll kept this as the big one until Christmas Day.
This table runner is gorgeous. Lovely fabric and great design. I think it will need to stay out long after the decorations are packed away.
There's more!
And to go with it there is also this lovely mini hanging. Look at the beautiful quilting. I know that my LQS has just received a new delivery of  Hanging frames, so a visit will be made when they re-open.
I know one of my guidelines for colours was bright. How perfect are Cheryll's selections!

But that's not all. Here are the backs. More gorgeous fabrics.
Cheryll has added one of her lovely labels, too.

I am going to enjoy these lovely gifts for many Christmases to come.

Thank you, Cheryll, for all the time and care you have taken in selecting and making all the wonderful gifts in our swap.
I have been extremely lucky to have had you for my partner.

To Shez from Claire

These are the lovely gifts i have received from Claire,thankyou so very much Claire,i have enjoyed opening  a gift every day,it was a lot of fun.
cheers shez xx





Dearest Barb….thank you so very much I love my table runner….massive hug again……..your gifts have all been BARBIEAWESOME……..XXXX

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Day 12 from Fiona

 Well, the big day has arrived!
My last gift from Fiona is this lovely hanging.
As you can see, Fiona has certainly spoilt me over the last 12 days.
Thank you so much, Fiona. I am a very lucky girl.

A special thank you to Shez and Peg for arranging our Friends Having Fun Swaps. It is so nice to be a part of this wonderful group of women.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Day 12 from Michelle

Wow the jingling of the bells was telling me something wonderful was inside and I wasn't disappointed.
A beautiful Christmas runner for my table and a lovely pkt of napkins. Thank you Michelle I love the runner you certainly know my likes. I have had such a wonderful tIme opening all the beautiful gifts you sent me. So many wonderful and thoughtful presents. Thanks you so much.


                     It matches my "Christmas Song "by Gail Pan beautifully.

I would like to thank Shez and Peg for organising these swaps, I’ve had so much fun and look forward to see what we’ll be getting up to next year with our new swaps.

                       ........................... Merry Christmas...........

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Day 8,9,10 & 11…..


Day 8: cream cross stitch material with a magnetic pin keep


Day 9: Tissue holder made up in Midwinter Red fabric


Day 10: three pretty Christmas tea towels



Day 11: A beautiful dilly bag made up with my all-time favourite fabric designers Bonne & Camille.

Thank you so much Sharon for making my Christmas that much brighter and fun, I’ve loved opening up all my parcels from you!

Just one more sleep and I’ll be able to open number 12….I wonder what I will unwrap in the morning Smile

I want to take this opportunity to thank Shez and Peg for organising these swaps, I’ve had soooo much fun and can’t wait to see what we’ll be getting up to next year with our new swaps Smile

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

Nearly There!!

Only one more day to wait!!!!
What a wonderful time it has been opening one parcel a day. Very exciting.
Here are my latest installments from my wonderful swap partner, Cheryl.
I have 3 days to cover this time.
First up I have  a holder for plastic bags and a rather gorgeous tea towel.
Gorgeous applique and embroidery and look at all the red!
And how did Cheryll know that I recently threw out my older bag holder as it fell apart?? Have there been secret visits??
Next up is this gorgeous apron.
Yes, more red. It is perfect against the gorgeous grey. I will iron it but I was in such a hurry to take a photo and show it off!!
Look at the cute button on the pocket.
I love the fabrics!!
And last of all for today there is this beautiful reindeer bag.
It was choc full (pun intended)of delicious goodies.
And the design was different on the other side too. Very handsome reindeer.

Yes, several packets have been sampled already. And why not!! I think this bag may have to hang on the tree. It may be a good way to hide a few choice choccies from others. Hmmm... .

I often feel that thank you is not enough to say to my swap partner, Cheryll. But I do hope you know how much I have enjoyed all your lovely gifts.

Cheers, Karen

Day 10 from Keryn to Michelle

Lots of chocolately goodness for me today...
in the dearest little stocking filled to the brim with Lindor balls...YUM! Some are missing because I had to sample them! Yes I know it is early but never tooo early for a chocoholic....Delicious too! Thank you Keryn you have been an absolutely wonderful partner....big hugs! See you after Christmas!
Blessings Michelle xxx

Day 11

Eat your heart out Shez... I have a beautiful mug rug to enjoy a cuppa on.
AND Cheryl included a gorgeous mug as well.
THANK YOU Cheryl... I love ALL my gifts. You have chosen perfectly for me.
Merry Christmas my friend... stay safe until 2015 when we will meet up again.