Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Free Patterns

Here is the link to these free felt or wool patterns.
cheers shez xx

Well i have made a start

I havent done as much as Keryn but it has taken me roughly 4 hrs to cut out my bits and pieces for the next swap,i had to cut out 52 of these circles,lol i did cheat and use the go cutter but it still took a little while,lol,i will see if i can find some patterns on the internet
cheers shez xx

Cleaver girls….


Hello everyone……

my goodness how amazing you all are….

the ruler swap was incredible, so many different designs and they were all just so darn good…

now it it is time to play with some wool….

I can see already, we have a very keen and excited girl….LOL

You girls rock…

Shez and Peg xx

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Thank heavens the two difficult swap presents are out of the way.
Now comes the fun, wool and Christmas.
Swap buddy I think it is time for some..

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

LUCKY DUCKY ME..........................

Today there was a wonderful parcel of loveliness waiting for me at the post office.  My partner in our swap was Ondrea and she really put a lot of thought into my gifts..

Beautifully wrapped..

The most beautiful ruler holder...how did she know paisley was one of my all time favourite fabrics?
How appropriate is the verse after all the trouble I have had with cutting fabric lately.

I have it sitting on the bench next to me and I keep thinking it really is to beautiful to hide in the sewing room with a ruler in it..I'm wondering if my favourite toy (Kenny Kindle) will fit in there..

Inside the bag was yummy liquorice..most of which is gone..

There was also a little note pad and some soap..

Thank you so much Ondrea it is such a thoughtful and generous parcel.
Thank you Peg and Shez for letting me be part of this special group.


Yey! I decided to open my FHFS from Barb yesterday seeing that Keryn's should have got there by then. Barb's arrived in plenty of time but I resisited opening it until Keryn got hers. So, I do hope the Express Post worked. After opening the package this was inside. A pretty parcel and card.

I then unwrapped it to discover this.

Barb has designed this herself and used some pretty fabric with plenty of purples. I love my name appliqued on the front.

When I opened the ruler cover I found some more delights.
A gorgeous angel stitchery which I am so itching to stitch now. And.....
Blurry, sorry. But unblurred these Cottage Garden threads and mini charm square pack are so pretty. I was actually going to buy the Christmassy one so I think Barb has ESP.  I also found these yummy treats inside.
Thankyou sooooo much Barb for my lovely special ruler cover and everything else you so thoughtfully chose for me. A big thankyou to Peg and Shez for this wonderful swap.
Angel Blessings to all. 

All the Way from the Snow!

I am a very spoilt girl......this gorgeous parcel arrived at my house....
and it did come from the snow..Kate my lovely partner said so on the package but LOOK at what was on the inside.
I just adore my new ruler cover....
So gorgeous!!! The flap has needle punch which I have never tried...so beautifully done. You are so clever Kate! Isn't it just gorgeous!
Kate also spoilt me as you could tell with chookies galore...Yum! Which may or may not still be in existence??? A very pretty notepad..
and one of Chookyblue's beautiful cards...
Thank you dear Kate. It was a gorgeous parcel...LOVE LOVE LOVE it xxxx My ruler is very happy snug in it's new pretty cover.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sooooooo Spoilt by Peg

I had an email from Peg yesterday asking me if I had received a parcel from her last week....
EEK! No I hadn't and over a week is far too long for mail to get from Peg to myself, upon investigation from Peg via Australia Post tracking we discovered the parcel was still sitting at the Post Office awaiting collection and when I enquired today, the reason was the house number wasn't clear enough for them. I thought it seemed clear enough but Yay!
Crisis averted and parcel collected....
So instead of having that 60 seconds of excitement from the mail box/front door to the table inside to open my parcel, I have had almost 24 hours to get excited about what Peg had sent me.....
It ALMOST looked too pretty to unwrap but unwrap I did!!!!
Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow and WOW!
Thanks Peg I Looooooove my ruler cover.....
When I flip it over it has a pocket for my smaller square ruler also, gorgeous Peg!
I wish I had thought of doing that on the one I made....
This lovely stitchery...
"Where there is Love there is Life"
AND THEN I found this as well, a project bag!!!!!
Feeling Super spoilt at this stage I must say....
But wait there's More!!!!!
Stuffed inside the project bag were some Salted Caramel Lindt Chocolates,
embroidery scissors and 2 threads in lovely shades for me to play with....
Can you feel my Grin?????
So lovely and so generous Peg, you have made my Day.....Mwah!
"Don't Look for the Inspiration, be the Inspiration"
Perfect words for Peg and I because Peg is the lady that first inspired me to
 start my Blog back in 2011 because her Blog was so full of inspiration for me.....
I can't wait to go home from work(yes I am at work and just couldn't
 wait to show you all) and put my rulers in my new Ruler Holder....

Thanks again Peg, you are amazing my friend and I am so thankful to
 yourself and Shez for including me in this group....

Until next time, Happy Stitching


To Marc from Fiona

Wow .....it is a nice feeling when you get a parcel in the mail..... Dear Fiona has made my day look what I received in the ruler swap. The stitching is so neat and the colours choices are just so ME


Very clever ..... Hold two size rulers 12 half in the back and a 6 half in the front

Cute little bag with a mouse on the front and a lovely thread catcher together with a block of delicious chocolate that only just made it into the photo. Big hug to Fiona and a BIG thank Until next time my fellow FHFS. Take care Marc


Monday, July 20, 2015


On Saturday Shez surprised me with my present, We were meeting up for a sewing day.  All I can say I was totally blown away.

It is huge lots of pockets, clear  folders on the inside to store projects, and all the extras that she included.

Thank you Shez so much it will be getting lots of use.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Parcel Sent

This left Orange on Thursday, sorry to my partner cause it wouldn't have made the dead line of Friday but it is in transit!
Hugs Kate 

Spoilt by Carol

Carol hand delivered my gorgeous parcel to me on Saturday at a stitching day. What a lovely surprise and to say I was thoroughly spoilt was an understatement.
How gorgeous is my ruler bag and in beautiful French General fabrics that I love with a very cute Gail Pan design on front. Will easily fit my 12 inch ruler and lots of other things as well.
Carol had also made me not one but two great design boards.  You know when you are trying to get applique pieces to the ironing board without losing them - well this will be perfect. It has wadding on the top so the pieces nothing moves while you iron it on.
And in that lovely red and white spotted bowl is rum balls - not your ordinary everyday rum balls, but Tim Tam rumballs.  Needless to say these did not last very long.Tthey were amazing.  Carol loved my fantastic parcel, thankyou so very much. My bag will get LOTS of use - just love it, as will my design boards.  Very spoilt indeed


 I am bowing my head in shame as I am a tad bit late sending my ruler cover to Keryn. I am soooo sorry Keryn, and I am sure you have worked out who is the bad girl by now . I am definitely Express Posting yours tomorrow. My excuse is that I was overseas for the whole month of June and despite starting it before I left I still didn't get it finished in time. Hubby had man flu and then I got a bad head cold . I have received mine from Barb but have not opened it yet as I feel I should wait until Keryn gets hers. So, sorry Barb for not putting any pics up yet. Now I am off to flog myself.

oh my... oh my....

Well, I actually opened my parcel on Friday as I was going on retreat and knew I would make use of my new ruler holder....

My parcel was from Cheryl... and I just LOVE what she sent...

well.... firstly it wasn't just a ruler holder but all sorts of other lovely goodies... country garden threads in two delicious colours, chocolate in one delicious flavour and wonderful peanuts ... I love a salty peanut .... and of course the ruler holder.... a huge long one....

 ... which is decorated on both sides.... this ladybug panel is a pocket

... a close up of one of the stitcheries on the front...

... and the other one....  aren't they just beautiful?

and here is my ruler holder with my 22" ruler and my 12" ruler.... my little 6" ruler fits fine in the pocket too...

.... needless to say I was thoroughly complimented on my ruler bag.... not only practical but now my rulers are well protected as there is padded wadding throughout...

Thanks so much Cheryl, it's just perfect, I love the colours and those beautiful stitcheries ....

Thanks to Peg and Shez for sorting out this lovely swap too.....

Love everyone in this lovely group....

To Shez from Christine

FHFS Ruler cover swap

Look at thisBeautiful lot of lovely gifts i received from my lovely friend Christine for our FHFS ruler cover swap,wow
i sure am spoilt

I received a beautiful card ,a lovely tin filled with lace and buttons,some beautiful fabric,4 skeins of DMC and some of my favourite
 cadbury choc.
Thankyou so very much Christine for my beautiful ruler cover and goodies .
cheers shez xx

FHF Ruler Swap….


This parcel was waiting for me when I arrived home from work on Friday form Mel so I only had to endure one sleep before I could open it without too much temptation LOL….


This is what I opened up yesterday after being a good girl and doing all my chores, the washing the dreaded grocery shopping etc…. and then I couldn’t take a photo till now as my camera decided to not work and I wanted a daylight photo to show of how utterly beautiful my swap items were….DUH! slaps forehead, after recharging it overnight I could finally take a photo of all my gorgeous goodies from my lovely partner Mel and finally do a blog post!

Mel certainly spoilt me with not one pouch but two, one for my 12” ruler and the smaller one for my rotary cutter and then to top it off she added a super cute bundle of matching fabric and a yummy tin of buttons!! Thanks you Mel you certainly brightened up my week and put a huge smile on my face Smile

If you want to see what everyone else received in this swap pop over to FHF swaps and have a look for yourself……I am as soon as I make myself another cuppa Smile