Monday, May 19, 2014

Time for Tilda....

... such an assortment of wonderful Dresden items last swap .... it was so fun to see them all ... and the best part is getting a lovely item?  I certainly love mine from Sharon...

.... so how is everyone going with their Tilda ideas????

This is a non Tilda pattern in Tilda fabric....

First time to use the Tilda fabrics.... gotta love swaps that get you into new addictions.....

Any more sneaky peaks peeps???????


  1. oh very cute sneaky peek Fiona,oh i wonder where this is going to? lucky buggar,lol.xx

  2. Oooh noooo... more secret
    Better get my butt into gear and get my sneaky pic up!

    Ummm wonder where yours is headed??? Any HiNTs... ???

  3. nice...real nice.....must get organized.....LOL

  4. Oh nice, very all the secret squirrel business x


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