Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Surprise From Fiona.

We are up to the second swap in our FHFS group.
Fiona is extremely organised and has already sent me her gorgeous parcel.  I have been watching her give little peeks on her blog but never thought it would be coming to me.
Look at how Fiona has used pretty doilies to decorate the parcel and make a tag.
Sunburnt Quilts - FHFS Tilda
And look at what I found peeking out at me when I undid the wrapping! Isn't she sweet?
Sunburnt Quilts - FHFS Tilda 4
You need to see all of her to appreciate how delightful this little rabbit is.
Sunburnt Quilts - FHFS Tilda 2
She has the most gorgeous pinafore and hat. And her body is made with a tone on tone print that is really effective.
I am going to let her guard the chocolate for me for a little while.
Fiona's work on this little darling is beautiful.
Of course you need to see the item that was around around her and keeping her warm on the long distance journey.
Sunburnt Quilts - FHFS Tilda 1
Fiona has made a gorgeous wall hanging in beautiful colours. This will brighten up my sewing room!
I have admired for a long time the work Fiona does when quilting her feathers, and I am thrilled to now have an item she has personally quilted.
Thank you Fiona for your kindness and generosity with these gifts.  Your work is beautiful and I feel so very lucky.

 Cheers, Karen.


  1. Lucky you, Karen. What gorgeous gifts Fiona has sent to you. I love your rabbit and the wall hanging is just lovely. Enjoy your goodies!

  2. Wow what an awesome parcel you have received Karen and how cute does the Tilda bunny look peeking out from the wall hanging. Well done Fiona on a beautiful parcel and enjoy Karen.xx

  3. an amazing parcel you have received from Bubz Karen....

  4. Oh love Tilda bunny and especially the gorgeous welcome sign. Fiona's work is gorgeous, you have been very spoilt Karen :)

  5. Miss Tilda Bunny is so sweet and such a gorgeous wall hanging. Well done Fiona and enjoy your parcel Karen xx

  6. Fiona put together a gorgeous Tilda gift... Enjoy the bunny and the wall hanger... you were a lucky swapper :)

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