Saturday, July 19, 2014

To Keryn from Sharon

Time has finally arrived to share what I sent in the F.H.F.S. Tilda Swap.

Dearest Keryn was my person to send to this time around and I have to admit to a little 
"stage fright" here.  Keryn makes the most gorgeous Dolls / Characters and loves Christmas
but Tilda Fabrics are not her style.

I was originally going to make a Tilda Doll but more in Keryn's style.
Insert huge fail ......... I, for the life of me can not make Tilda Dolls, or snowmen.
 Believe me, I tried!

So my take on the "Tilda Swap"

A 12" Mini made with a Cross Stitched Reindeer.
Isn't he cute :)  I think so and Keryn likes him to :o)

Now are you wondering how I incorporated the "Tilda"?
Easy, the label on the back!  I used Tilda Fabric.

oh, and I included a Tilda Book and of course something to nibble on 
(which obviously hasn't made it to the pic)

Our next F.H.F.S. swap has a Spots theme.
 Watch out secret swap partner, I might use my creative licence here too!

Hugs Sharon


  1. very clever Sharon.... and beautifully done too...

  2. Oh so so cute and creative and so very what you have created Shaz...

  3. Gorgeous mini, Sharon. I'm sure Keryn just loves it.

  4. I think that is smart thinking. No point in making something that doesn't suit the recipient. Great gifts for Keryn. The cross stitch is perfect!

  5. I think you used artistic licence beautifully! Little reindeer is very cute and I bet he is very happy at Keryns.

  6. He's gorgeous Sharon and I know Keryn was thrilled with him

  7. Oh so clever he is gorgeous !!!


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