Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Last is the Luckiest!

I have a lovely new friend! a beautiful little girl called Tilda created by the lovely Barb....
AND...she came with a piece of Barb's beautiful crochet. Tilda is extremely happy on my rocker.
But wait there was more loveliness in my parcel too....a journal that is sooo pretty, cute as a button Tilda buttons and beautiful smelling soap.
It was so nice that Barb is helping me "hurtle" myself off that silly choccie avoiding wagon. It just wasn't working out for me....Looky here! Oh YUM!
Don't they look pretty? They unfortunately DO NOT look like that now!
Thank you so much Barb for spoiling me so. It was worth waiting for. I just loved my parcel. Big Hugs xx
Thanks also to our "Dynamic Duo" Peg and Shez for this lovely swap.


  1. gorgeous doll and extra goodies.. this was such a fun swap

  2. Wow.....how cute it that doll....and the piece of crochet she is holding.....you are one lucky girl Michelle....
    I am sure Shez will agree with me...you ladies all ROCK...what a group we have...

  3. I sure do Peg,it has been an awesome swap and I love this doll Barb has made ,Barb puts together such awesome parcels,enjoy Michelle and well done Barb.xx

  4. Barb has made you such a beautiful doll, Michelle. Enjoy all your special treats.

  5. Your doll is an absolute sweetie. beautiful work. A lovely bundle of goodies.

  6. Lucky last you sure are Tilda doll is just gorgeous and all your treats wow....enjoy !!!!


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