Tuesday, November 25, 2014

HEY! Turns Out I was on Santa's VERY GOOD List!!!

Gee there I was trying to be extra good in case Santa's elves were watching....I actually think I have received extra consideration for trying soooo hard. Yesterday the postie bought me this BIG box!!!
 The picture is fuzzy because was so excited! Well inside.....
there is an Alladin's cave of Christmas Yumminess from our lovely Keryn! Underneath the first gorgeous parcel was this....
and it is full to the brim....
Oh My Goodness!
It is going to be a very loooong 2 1/2 weeks!!!! Aren't they pretty!
Thank you so much in advance Keryn.
Big Christmasy hugs,
Michelle xxx


  1. how awesome Michelle to find that you had been good for the year,lol,lovely box of goodies Keryn has put together for you.xx

  2. You would NeVeR be on the "naughty" side... unless of course you peek too soon! :)

  3. you have to be good just a little bit longer...

  4. Ooh that parcel looks amazing - bet you can't wait


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