Thursday, January 15, 2015

Swap Partner Details

We have all the information now for our swapees likes and dislikes  ,but now poor Pegs computer is sick and  at the doctors getting fixed so we will send out the information as soon as it is possible ,so sorry my friends,you will just need to hang on a little bit longer.
cheers S&P xx


  1. Hope Peg's computer isn't too sick. Nothing worse than sick computers! Love the new header, Shez! xx

  2. Sorry to hear about poor Peg's computer especially since I just sent her and email, hope it's all better soon :( Will send the info to you Shez as well :) Barb.

  3. Oh dear... poor Peg and her computer..... get well soon!

  4. After 2 weeks I am back. No internet all that time grrrrrr. Apparently, according to the tech who came today, the storms disconnected us. Thanks to dear Barb for letting Peg and Shez know for me. Hugs to all.


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