Saturday, June 20, 2015


I know it's very early but you see I'm going away...& will miss the mailing deadline...
I decided to make the ruler cover & complete the gift package I didn't want my partner to have to wait until I returned home. It was silly to take it with me in the van... (we leave late next week & until then I'm in Melbourne) ... SO I am mailing it off VERY early.

I guess my partner will have to show extreme will power until July...
Aren't I BaD...
Hugs partner... xox


  1. lol oh i hope your partner is strong,i have to hide it so i wouldnt open,lucky partner your pressie looks very pretty,have fun travelling my friend and enjoy that lovely warm weather ,safe travels xx

  2. oooh that will be tempting...... wonderful to have a holiday coming up

  3. I hope I'm NOT your partner in that case.....Oh the suspense!!!!!!! Enjoy your trip x

  4. Yes...naughty! I was soooooo good last time LOL! But I promise to be good if the postie brings it to my house. Travel safe and have a wonderful time xxx


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