Monday, November 2, 2015

from Kate to Marc

Silly me .... my life is busy  and  busy lately.( that's no excuse) ... below is the blog entry I did on my blog and stupid me forgetful  forgot to posted on this blog....... gee is hard to keep  my perfection going (chuckle)
sorry to my fellow FHFS members ......
I took the opportunity to ring Kate, when this lovely parcel arrived several weeks ago.... not only is her workman womanship fab so is Kate.
apologize to all my online FHFS friends   - cheers Marcia 

For quiet awhile now I have been checking out Kate blog and been amazed how talented Kate is especially her knitting so when a parcel arrived at my place just after 9pm last evening .... Well one can only say the following ...... So gorgeous ( unfortunately like most of my photography the photo doesn't do the items any justice)
As a member of a online swap the theme was felt or wool
Fab .... Homemade socks .... Fabric.... Scissors.... Sweets.... Chocolate .... Thread keeper
So spoil

So you can not image the thrill when I open my parcel ..... Just awesome .... Massive thank you Kate
Thanks to Peg and Shez for organising our swaps


  1. Hi Marc wow such beautiful gifts,well done my friend Kate sure has spoilt you,great swaps ladies xx

  2. super gorgeous gifts from Miss Kate.....lucky you Marc xxx

  3. Some lovely gifts there for you to enjoy.


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