Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ho Ho Ho

Well what a big surprise I received on Saturday.  My FHFS parcels were delivered to me by my secret Santa Shez.  Woo hoo.  Now to be good until December.  I admit to a little bit of a feel and  a squish lol, but they are out of sight so I can't be tempted -

Thankyou so much Shez. Can't wait. Cheryl


  1. oh what a long time you have to wait haha... good one Shez... lucky you Cheryl


  2. It will go quick ,Xmas will be here before we know it,lol.

  3. Such gorgeous packages.....be good now! Gentle squeezes and no rattling or shaking!!

  4. OMG Shez... you put me to shame...I better get a move on...
    Well done by the way...xox


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