Saturday, April 25, 2015


When I saw that we had been granted the Royal decree to open our first swap gift I nearly did a hammy running to the bench because this had been sitting there for a day...
My parcel was from the gorgeous Shez and how thoughtful of her to decorate the box with beautiful Christmas stamps, made the box very festive.  I carefully (well not really) removed the brown paper..
Another box, Shez this isn't one of those parcel's that is just filled with boxes and paper and then a lolly in the middle is it?  Then I found this...
How pretty does that look.... But wait till you see what was inside.....Drum roll please....
Is this not the most gorgeous bag you have ever seen.  So beautifully made and with my favourite fabric I keep looking at it thinking how lucky I am.  But wait there was a whole pack of goodies inside.
This beautiful matching needle roll to go with it complete with packets of needle.  It looks so pretty all wrapped up. And then there was this.....
So I was very careful with the next parcel....
A matching pair of gorgeous birds (I'm sorry the photo doesn't do them justice you can't see the beautiful glitter on them).  I was really touched by these because I know Shez knows I always buy these little birds whenever I find them, these birds were my mother's favourite Christmas ornament and her tree was always full of them, they always remind me of her so I did have a little teary moment.
And lucky for me Shez added some chocolate which I'm now about to eat with a cuppa.
What a wonderful parcel, what a great group and Shez you are an amazing generous person


  1. Ooh you lucky girl - how gorgeous. Bet you were thrilled. And those sweet little birds will look wonderful on your tree at xmas

    1. I know how special is that parcel and the little birds are so precious - I really am a lucky ducky xx

  2. Oh Keryn I am so happy that you are happy with your gifties,enjoy my friend,I was so worried that those birds would break,lol,so glad they are special to you,sending big hugs my friend xx

  3. Oh yes... that's a beautiful set from Shez...and so thoughtful to add those gorgeous birds for you to treasure. xox

  4. Yum! And more Yum! Gorgeous parcel from the birdies too. Glad you were spoiled Keryn xx

  5. Yum! And more Yum! Gorgeous parcel from the birdies too. Glad you were spoiled Keryn xx

  6. Massive Wow.....Oh Kerryn talk about being super spoilt......gorgeous gifts Shez...xxxxx

  7. What a wonderful swap parcel from Shez. Those little birds are just beautiful. Same goes for the bag and sewing pouch. Enjoy your goodies, Keryn.

  8. Gorgeous gifts! Lovely work from Shez and such a thoughtful parcel.

  9. Oh wow..... those are just lovely.... well done Shez on making them and well done Keryn on getting them to come and live with you....

  10. Oh my! Looove those birdies and so many beautiful gifts. JUst gorgeous.


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