Tuesday, April 28, 2015

 This was the pretty parcel i got from the lovely Michelle for our FHFS hexie swap, the wrapping paper is hexies,lol,love it
  Oh Michelle i love the card it is even covered in Hexies and i also love my little writing set
And i have been spoilt with some more beautiful gifts,i love the grey and white serviettes  and of course the chocolate didnt last long,and the fabric is even covered in hexies,oh Michelle you did so well to find so many lovely hexie things
 Oh i love these teatowels with their beautiful tilda fabric.

Wow how cool is this beautiful Hexie table topper made in lovely tilda fabrics,oh i love this Michelle

Thankyou so much Michelle for all these beautiful gifts,you put so much thought and love into these gifts,i am very spoilt my friend for my awesome gifts.
cheers shez xx


  1. Love the grey and red looks fabulous, Michelle sure did put a special parcel together for you Shez..

  2. I just love how so much hexies...even the paper! a fun parcel and gorgeous goodies.. lucky you Shez and well done Michelle...


  3. How clever finding hexie paper! Michelle has certainly made some beautiful things. Absolutely beautiful. Enjoy.

  4. another Woo Hoo.....super spoilt...awesome colours xxxx

  5. My absolute pleasure lovely Shez xx


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