Monday, December 22, 2014

More Gifts from Christine

I have been total spoilt by Christine, and she knows just what I love -
Day 6 and I'm sorry it's a bit hard to see, but it is the cutest little snowman waterball decoration.

For Day 7 there was two beautiful pieces of Anni Downs xmas fabric and DMC threads to match.
Day 8 were these pretty lavender sachets that match my lovely coathangers.

And this morning -
A beautiful candle holder. Again I'm sorry for the photo but where I have put it, it got a bit lost in a photo, so against my tiles was the clearest one.

Am loving my beautiful gifts. thankyou so much Christine.


  1. Oh wow what awesome gifts from Christine Cheryl,love them all,the candle holder is gorgeous,enjoy your beautiful gifts my friend.xx

  2. I love when I see a few together... it seems sooooo much loot doesn't it! lol

  3. those are lovely presents...

  4. I can see why you are enjoying your lovely gifts.

  5. Gorgeous set of gifts for Christine.


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