Friday, December 19, 2014

Day 5 And 6 From Cheryll.

Cheryll has been a busy and hard working Christmas elf throughout this year. As proof, I have my next two packages from our swap.

I am the very happy recipient of this gorgeous scarf. The colour is perfect!
Isn't it lovely. Beautiful work Cheryl. I can remember admiring these when you were making different colours earlier in the year.

Now Cheryll has also organised me well for Christmas Day.
I now have the perfect way to store the ham, some lovely napkins and the cutest ice block gingerbread men shapes. These are such thoughtful gifts!! And will provide some good fun on the day.
Thank you again, Cheryll.


  1. Of love the scarf, gorgeous colour, the ice block ginger men look cute !

  2. Love that beautiful wrap! Very cute goodies as well. I love those gingie ice trays x

  3. Thats a very pretty scarf...

  4. Wow such awesome gifts,lovely scarf,I am very lucky and have one as well from our clever Chez.xx


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