Thursday, December 25, 2014

Day 12 from Michelle

Wow the jingling of the bells was telling me something wonderful was inside and I wasn't disappointed.
A beautiful Christmas runner for my table and a lovely pkt of napkins. Thank you Michelle I love the runner you certainly know my likes. I have had such a wonderful tIme opening all the beautiful gifts you sent me. So many wonderful and thoughtful presents. Thanks you so much.


                     It matches my "Christmas Song "by Gail Pan beautifully.

I would like to thank Shez and Peg for organising these swaps, I’ve had so much fun and look forward to see what we’ll be getting up to next year with our new swaps.

                       ........................... Merry Christmas...........


  1. It was my absolute pleasure Helen and I am very glad that you like it xx

  2. It is gorgeous. The colours are perfect.


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