Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Christmas Catch Up.

I have not been home to be able to open my FHFS packages over the last few days and have had to wait "patiently" until our return.
Well now I am  making up for lost time and am going to catch up with the rest of you.
My wonderful partner for the last swap for 2014 is the gorgeous and very generous  Cheryll. Her packages looked so festive it seemed a shame to take something out to unwrap.
I got over that idea very quickly!! (I did admire it for quite a while before we went away.)

I knew right from the first package that I was in for a lot of fun from Cheryll.
Have a look at this lovely pillow!
Isn't that the perfect way for Santa to relax in Australia? And look how perfectly it fits in with all my red and white, Cheryll.

I would have been happy to stop there, but knowing I can open more was far too tempting.
This next parcel made the reindeer happy - I think.
Well it made me happy.. The hand towel is so lovely with the cross stitch trees. Watch out anybody who tries to use it!  And the ornaments are beautifully made. The reindeer with antlers was used to display them. The ornaments look great from both sides. So pretty. Okay, maybe the reindeer didn't like being a tree substitute.

The next package has given me something to sew. It is a lovely pattern for a little wallet. The size is perfect for credit cards. And Cheryll has selected fabric that is me to a T - bright!
Cheryll has even included the little clasps to finish it off. You have organised everything for me, Cheryll.

Okay, I get to do one more!
You couldn't have chosen better, Cheryll. I still write a lot of letters so the notepad, envelopes, pen and sticky notes are very welcome. And just to top it off is the red and white butterfly fabric. I see a butterfly  theme in this parcel. How did you know I would have red and white around my home at Christmas?

Thank you, Cheryll. I have had a wonderful time starting to open your gorgeous gifts You have made me feel very special.


  1. Ohh very nice your red and white! That must have been fun catching up all at once xx

  2. wow Karen lots of beautiful fun goodies there now you know that Chez has ESP,lol,i can see you had lots of fun opening these,well done Chez on your beautiful gifts for Karen.xx

  3. Beautiful present from the amazing Cheryl...

  4. Glad you got to open then now you are home.
    And that reindeer doesn't look toooo
    EnJoY :)

  5. Cheryl knows how to spoil and put a parcel together ....beautiful !!!

  6. thats a lovely selection of gifts Karen....


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