Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Safely here....

Poor Peg was so upset about sending my parcel to the old address... but it was fine and found it's way - just took a few more days to get here


so now you get to see what was in it....

The satchel was stuffed full of loveliness.....

a glamorous mug and mug rug with a wool flower....

.. and the prettiest needlecase (there is wool inside) and this gorgeous scented candle (which is perfect for my quilting room!)

I love that stitchery on the outside and it matches so well with the frame

... oooh and some sweet treats and magnetic 'pegs'....

... the sweet treats hid from Hubz very quickly ....

... and the main wool item is this very pretty table topper ....

.. it's all wool save the backing and binding and Peg is so clever with colours and put together such a pretty item ....

... once I have some spaces cleared in this mess of a half unpacked house it will find it's forever home - I might even hang it up as it really is a very happy pretty piece.

Thanks so much Peg, I love it all and it was so fun doing this wool swap.  Thanks to you and Shez for organising these which is giving us different things to think about and play with.

And of course HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO PEG for becoming a GRANDMA this week... just wonderful and I know it is something you have been looking forward to... wishing you many many hours of happiness with this little man... he is very cute.

Righto, Gotto Go... I'm off for some coffee in my new mug!


  1. What a gorgeous parcel. So glad it found you. Well done Peg! She's allowed to forget things....'cos she's a Nana now lol! Enjoy your goodies x

  2. Wow Fiona ,what a beautiful parcel Peg has sent to you,love the beautiful goodies and I am so glad they found there way to your new home,well done Peg and isn't it the best news that Peg is now a moo moo xx

  3. Dear Bubz....so very pleased it has arrived finally....so pleased you liked my bits and pieces....super excited about our grandbaby...thank you...xxxx

  4. Another gorgeous parcel put together by Peg.....It always makes me nervous that I haven't sent enough when I see Pegs parcels!!!!

  5. OOoh MoRe nice goodies... Aren't we all a lucky bunch of FHFS-ers... xox

  6. OOO Peg has made beautiful things for you. Enjoy.


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