Saturday, October 10, 2015


A large parcel arrived yesterday from Carol. I couldn't believe how big it was . Anyhow, when I opened it, this is what was inside.

                                            In this bag I discovered all these lovely parcels.

Hmmm, dilemma. Should I open them or wait until I have posted my gift.  I have finished the project for my swapee but haven't yet been able to put  some extras together and post it yet. So what did I do? OPEN IT OFCOURSE!!!!  I did try to restrain myself but that little devil on my shoulder kept poking me with his pitchfork. OOOO, I am so glad I did. The first parcel contained these beautiful coat hangers. I now have a soft hanger for the dress I am wearing to my daughter's wedding next month.

Yummy Lindt choccies had an interesting thing attached . How clever are these? A necklace made of felt beads. I am rather intrigued how one turns felt into such things. So clever. A couple of choccies have disappeared already. I think that little devil grabbed them.

I was rather rapt to discover some lovely wool felt . It is so soft and just perfect for my new craft addiction.created by this swap. Great colours too.

                                               But wait, there's more. A gorgeous scarf.

A big THANKYOU to Carol for these lovely things and to Peg and Shez for organising it.
I do apologise for the delay in sending mine but the project IS done and I just need to get to the post office soon.


  1. wow Ondrea you sure were spoilt,i love all the things that Carol sent to you,how cool is that necklace,well done Carol on such a beautiful parcel and enjoy your lovely new goodies Ondrea xx

  2. you have been super spoilt for sure......fantastic gift Carol xxxx

  3. Well done Carol....lovely wooly felty goodies. I love a nice covered kind to your clothes. Enjoy Ondrea x

  4. So glad you like your gifts. Must get to the po and check for my parcel.


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