Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I am in heaven - my FHFS parcel was waiting for me tonight when I got home from work.  When I saw the address I ripped open the wrapping, and hence the title - OMG.

My parcel was from Keryn, a gorgeous friend who spoils me often. Do you want to see what I got -

I had oohed and aahed over Keryn's gorgeous snowies on her blog and had been deciding which one to shout myself. Isn't he adorable.  AND there was more -
And he had little friend - this most gorgeous Santa.

Ooh and some beautiful wool to play with.
And the most beautiful tag.
And look what was in that beautiful box, which I forgot to take a photo of in my excitement.  Thankyou for spoiling me gorgeous friend. Cheryl


  1. Well buddy no one deserves a nice parcel more than you do. I am sorry (well no I'm not really) that I lied to you lol..xx

  2. Lol I knew you would be rapt Cheryl,I had to bite my tongue as Keryn told me she was sending the snowman to you,I am so excited for you Cheryl,great parcel Keryn,you have made Cheryl very happy xx

  3. WOW! yep Keryn certainly knows you well and double that on the spoiling......I love him!! :) Barb.

  4. OMG.....how cute are they.....OMG..... ......that girl does know how to spoil.....enhoy all your gorgeous treats......xxxxx

  5. Oh gorgeous! They will be super happy living at your house! Super parcel Keryn x

  6. How wonderful. Forget Christmas, this is perfect!

  7. OH my goodness! How does one follow that? Absolutely wonderful FHFS gift with lots of added extras. Keryn has made such lovely things for you. ENJOY.

  8. Now that is possibly the cutest snowman I have ever seen....I really hate how organised you all are....I'll be dragging the chain again!!!!!

  9. lovely parcel.. lucky you and well done Keryn...


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