Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It's My TurN NoW

Michelle sent me THE MOST GoRGeOUs parcel.
It was wrapped beautifully...
WooHoo... lavender, lavender, & more lavender.
You see Michelle knows how much I LoVe lavender... so planned her gifts around this theme.
This pic DOES NOT show the beautiful colour of the felt... or the delicate fabric Michelle embroidered on... nor the aroma coming from the HeaRT... or the lovely lavender coloured fabric she included... and you can't SMeLL the wonderful fragrance coming from the pretty tin either... But believe me when I say
Thank you Michelle... your gifts & your phone call MADE my day!
* * * * *


  1. Wow Chez what awesome gifts you have received from Michelle,oh those hearts are so cute and how lovely of Michelle to bring your wonderful fragrance into this swap,enjoy your gorgeous gifts Chez and Michelle congrats on putting together a wonderful parcel xx

  2. isn't it just wonderful when your swap partner knows you so well! Love all the pretties Michelle sent you and I'll just let my imagination take control because I'm sure I can just get a hint of lavender in the air where I am. Enjoy your goodies :) Barb.

  3. Wow Dory you really have been so spoilt by all the lavender, fab idea....

  4. oh lovely.. what a pretty set

  5. How soft and pretty is that! Michelle has certainly put a lot of thought into your project. I can smell the aroma from here. Enjoy.


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