Sunday, October 18, 2015

Oh Marc, thank you so much!

I had a surprise phone call from Marc on Friday thanking
 me for my swap gift, I was so happy to hear that Marc
 liked what I had chosen to send her. I then came
 home to find a parcel from Marc on my doorstep....Yay!
It took me no time at all to open it up and inside I found
 this gorgeous hand stitched bag....Love it!
Inside the bag I found lots of gorgeous surprises as well....
I can't believe that in the excitement I actually
 remembered to take pics....LOL!
So many lovely gifts I am a tad bit overwhelmed
with your generosity Marc, thanks so much!
This bag is super cute and the pics do not do it justice,
it will be a favourite of mine for years to come....
Inside the wool felt book were also some cute little surprises...
The hand knitted scarf is made from the softest wool and
I love love love it Marc, it sure will come in handy in
Orange on those cold days that we have....
Last Friday was not the best day for me work wise because
 I found out some news that will change my world
dramatically next year but this bundle of gorgeousness
 sure made it a better day that it was...
Thanks again Marc and Shez and
Peg for making this swap possible...
I had better get my Santa hat on now!!!
Until next time, Happy Stitching



  1. Wow Kate,i sure do love your parcel from Marc,that bag is stunning,i loved this when i saw it on Marc's blog,well done Marc and enjoy your new goodies my friend and i hope your news wont change your world too much xx

  2. wow...totally awesome gifts Miss Kate ypu have been super spoilt by our Marc...

  3. Wow, Kate, what gorgeous gifts. It's goof you had something to cheer you up. And I do hope the bad news turns out to be good news after all.

    1. Wow what a gorgeous parcel. you will enjoy using all those lovely goodies

  4. Marc has sent you some gorgeous goodies, Kate.

  5. Oh such a beautiful parcel Kate. Well done Marc. Enjoy your goodies. Hope your news turns out for tge best for you. Hugs xx

  6. WOW... fantatic gifts in there Kate... Smiling...
    Not so good news... NOT smiling !!!
    Fingers crossed all is OK... xox

  7. Wooohooo! Such a lovely assortment of gorgeous things. Enjoy.


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