Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wow,Thankyou Carol

Cheryl and i were lucky enough to be having breakfast at Carols on Sat morning and what a wonderful surprise i got when Angus handed me my goodies for our FHFS xmas swap,as Carol is going o/s to HK in November,boy this is going to be tempting,so i am going to pack it away in a cupboard so i cant see it,thankyou so much Carol and Angus.

lol the sights you see in Melb,we spotted the santa bikie on our way to Monbulk sat morning,lol,i love xmas.
Hope you all have a fabulous sunday .
cheers shez xx


  1. Oh my! Have you got a cupboard big enough? LOL.

  2. Now THAT is something hard to resist. Good LuCK Shez with keeping it packed up...lol

  3. Oh boy! I can see a lot of paper crinkling, and little squishies in your future! LOL! Be good now!

  4. That's a long time to not touch, Shez!


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