Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sooooooo Spoilt by Peg

I had an email from Peg yesterday asking me if I had received a parcel from her last week....
EEK! No I hadn't and over a week is far too long for mail to get from Peg to myself, upon investigation from Peg via Australia Post tracking we discovered the parcel was still sitting at the Post Office awaiting collection and when I enquired today, the reason was the house number wasn't clear enough for them. I thought it seemed clear enough but Yay!
Crisis averted and parcel collected....
So instead of having that 60 seconds of excitement from the mail box/front door to the table inside to open my parcel, I have had almost 24 hours to get excited about what Peg had sent me.....
It ALMOST looked too pretty to unwrap but unwrap I did!!!!
Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow and WOW!
Thanks Peg I Looooooove my ruler cover.....
When I flip it over it has a pocket for my smaller square ruler also, gorgeous Peg!
I wish I had thought of doing that on the one I made....
This lovely stitchery...
"Where there is Love there is Life"
AND THEN I found this as well, a project bag!!!!!
Feeling Super spoilt at this stage I must say....
But wait there's More!!!!!
Stuffed inside the project bag were some Salted Caramel Lindt Chocolates,
embroidery scissors and 2 threads in lovely shades for me to play with....
Can you feel my Grin?????
So lovely and so generous Peg, you have made my Day.....Mwah!
"Don't Look for the Inspiration, be the Inspiration"
Perfect words for Peg and I because Peg is the lady that first inspired me to
 start my Blog back in 2011 because her Blog was so full of inspiration for me.....
I can't wait to go home from work(yes I am at work and just couldn't
 wait to show you all) and put my rulers in my new Ruler Holder....

Thanks again Peg, you are amazing my friend and I am so thankful to
 yourself and Shez for including me in this group....

Until next time, Happy Stitching



  1. Wow Kate what an amazing parcel from the lovely Peg,love those ruler covers, enjoy your goodies Kate xx

  2. What a gorgeous package Peg has put together for you Kate.

  3. A beautiful lot of gifts there. Peg has certainly knows how to put a smile on our faces. Enjoy.

    1. She sure does Ondrea, so very generous x

  4. Glad you liked my bits and pieces. Miss Kate...xxxx

    1. I love them Peg, the fabric in the ruler cover especially xx

  5. Wow Kate gorgeous ruler bag and project bag from Peg

  6. wonderful ruler keeper.. and block keeper and everything.... so glad it was found at the PO

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  8. Such a wonderful parcel. Peg is fabulous.

  9. Beautiful Kate....very spoilt by Peg....we are such lucky ducks xx


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