Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Yey! I decided to open my FHFS from Barb yesterday seeing that Keryn's should have got there by then. Barb's arrived in plenty of time but I resisited opening it until Keryn got hers. So, I do hope the Express Post worked. After opening the package this was inside. A pretty parcel and card.

I then unwrapped it to discover this.

Barb has designed this herself and used some pretty fabric with plenty of purples. I love my name appliqued on the front.

When I opened the ruler cover I found some more delights.
A gorgeous angel stitchery which I am so itching to stitch now. And.....
Blurry, sorry. But unblurred these Cottage Garden threads and mini charm square pack are so pretty. I was actually going to buy the Christmassy one so I think Barb has ESP.  I also found these yummy treats inside.
Thankyou sooooo much Barb for my lovely special ruler cover and everything else you so thoughtfully chose for me. A big thankyou to Peg and Shez for this wonderful swap.
Angel Blessings to all. 


  1. That's so lovely and so you Ondrea. Love that cute pattern too. Well done Barb! I love those kind of snakes!

  2. i am so glad you opened yours Ondrea,Barb sure has spoilt you,love your new ruler bag,enjoy your lovely goodies my friend xx

  3. What a gorgeous parcel from Barb for you Ondrea. And I'm guessing purple is a favourite color

  4. Wow super spoilt ... Barb has a fantastic job xxx

  5. what a lovely personalised ruler cover... great parcel...

  6. So glad you liked it Ondrea, enjoy using the little extras I added :) Barb.

  7. How lovely of Barb to personalise your ruler bag, Ondrea. No one can pinch it off you now! She sent you lots of lovely extra goodies too.

  8. Barb has put together such a gorgeous parcel


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