Wednesday, July 22, 2015

All the Way from the Snow!

I am a very spoilt girl......this gorgeous parcel arrived at my house....
and it did come from the snow..Kate my lovely partner said so on the package but LOOK at what was on the inside.
I just adore my new ruler cover....
So gorgeous!!! The flap has needle punch which I have never beautifully done. You are so clever Kate! Isn't it just gorgeous!
Kate also spoilt me as you could tell with chookies galore...Yum! Which may or may not still be in existence??? A very pretty notepad..
and one of Chookyblue's beautiful cards...
Thank you dear Kate. It was a gorgeous parcel...LOVE LOVE LOVE it xxxx My ruler is very happy snug in it's new pretty cover.


  1. Wow Michelle you have an amazing new ruler cover,I love it,love the tape measure on it as well,well done Kate on a beautiful swap parcel,enjoy your new goodies Michelle xx

  2. Wow....that is lucky you great job Miss Kate xx

  3. That is really so lovely especially with the needle punch on it. So clever!

  4. Glad you like it Michelle, it is always a worry wondering if you have made just the right thing xx

  5. fantastic, love that needlepunching touch to it....

  6. It's wonderful Michelle...and Kate is so clever. 👍


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