Friday, December 18, 2015

Just soooooo spoilt....

Oh Marc has spoilt me so much...

these are my pressies from the last couple of days...

This is a wonderful set of tins and an address book
(amazing as my last address book got lost and I have little bits of paper everywhere!!)

they are so pretty as well as useful.... and another lovely snack - yummoooo

not sure if you can see but the tins have special labels (pins, bobbins, threads, buttons)... just perfect for the sewing room

there is a gorgeous zippy bag which is just perfect for sewing thingies and it came with a frixion pen... a favourite of mine for stitcheries and a gorgeous Christmas mini charm pack... the first of my very own and I love it ..... and some yummy Christmassy lollies....

the zippy bag has an extra pocket there under the button.... it's really lovely

Marc you have just spoilt me so much... I'm just loving my pressies and it's taking so much will power not to get in and open them all..

thank you sooooooo very much


  1. Wow such lovely gifts Fiona,enjoy my friend xx

  2. WOW... I love that bag... lucky you! xox

  3. Beautiful gifties....oh love those tins!

  4. A lovely lot of pressies there. Everyone has been so creative with their ideas. Those tins are so pretty. Drooling here.


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